Follow Me by Kathleen Barber

Cover Art Courtesy of Goodreads
I really enjoy books about social media and its implications, and Follow Me by Kathleen Barber definitely delivered on that premise. In this story, Audrey Miller is an influencer on Instagram. She shares her perfectly curated life with the world, but she just so happens to attract the attention of someone who takes obsession to a whole new level.

This book was told in three perspectives: Audrey, her college friend Cat, and Him: the man obsessed with Audrey. Audrey definitely portrayed the vapid social media influencer well. She was incredibly easy to dislike, and I think that was the point. Honestly none of the characters in this book were likable, but that was okay.  I did love the juxtaposition of the art exhibit Audrey was working on with real life. There was one instance of attempted sexual assault in the story, so I do want to point that out.

The plot itself really led you to believe that the man obsessed with Audrey was one person, but it threw you for a loop at the end! This also seemed to position itself well for a sequel, even though I don't think there has been any talk of one. 

This book truly creeped me out, and even though I was really enjoying it, I hesitated to pick it up because I knew it would make me uneasy. Social media definitely has a dark side, and this read clearly showed the extremes that it can reach. If you are looking for a book to hit the social media prompt for the PopSugar reading challenge, I really recommend this one!

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Thanks so much to Gallery Books for a finished copy of this read! Follow Me by Kathleen Barber just released last week, so be sure to pick up a copy!