Literary Book Gifts Writing Gloves

I was so excited when Literary Book Gifts reached out to me asking if I wanted to try out their Writing Gloves. I am always cold, my hands included, so a product that allowed me to be a little warmer while still maintaining full functionality of my hands to type was super appealing.

The gloves themselves are SO soft and comfortable, and are made from a blend of cashmere, cotton, polyester, and microfiber. They are tight enough to stay on and not be a bulky hindrance, but also won't cut off your circulation. I do have very small hands, so they were a bit big for me, but I can see them fitting the majority of people perfectly. 

 The gloves come in 13 different colors, ranging from neutrals to super colorful. I chose charcoal, which is a dark grey color, since I didn't want them to clash with anything. They allow your thumbs and fingers to stick out, not inhibiting your ability to type in any way. This also allows you to still use your touch screen devices as well! They are excellent quality and feel like they would hold up for a very long time, even with daily use.

Even if you don't have to type regularly, these would be great for tons of other activities as well, like crafting, writing notes, or even as everyday winter gloves when you wanted to keep your fingers free! There is a bit of sticker shock with the price, since they retail for US $52. If this is something you can see yourself using every day though, I think it could definitely be justified.

Thank you so much to Literary Book Gifts for sending me a pair of gloves to review! If you would like to purchase your own pair, you can find them here. They also sell other bookish merchandise, like totes and tshirts! I really want to get my hands on the Moby Dick tshirt and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland tote!

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