Product Review: Cocofloss

Lately I've been seeing ads floating around Instagram and Facebook for something called Cocofloss. Being that I'm admittedly not the best at flossing, and this looked like a hip product to use, I ordered a three pack. This product is pricey compared to your average drugstore floss, running around $8-10 for 60 days of floss if you buy them individually. I figured that the flavor options, the high quality ingredients, and overall cuteness of the packaging would make it worth it if it actually helped me develop a good flossing routine. 

What I Liked

The product shipped quickly (and free!), and the outer boxes that each floss came in were brightly colored and appealing. The floss packaging itself was chic and the floss was a gorgeous bright blue shade. The back of each floss also had a measurement gauge so you could see about how many days of floss you had left. The floss itself is free of parabens, SLS, and PFAS. It's also cruelty free which is a big win in my book.

What I Didn't Like

The product itself was terrible. I started with the Cara Cara Orange flavor, but I didn't taste any flavor at all. In addition, the floss actually shredded while using it. The website says each piece of floss is comprised of over 500 filaments. Well, about 400 of those ended up stuck in my teeth. Not only that, but the shreds were so small and delicate it was incredibly difficult to then get those strands unstuck. It was also initially very thick (pre-shredding), so getting the piece of floss in and out of my teeth was a challenge. I decided to open up a second box in the hopes that it was just that orange flavor that had problems, but the Pure Strawberries floss also had no flavor and shredded just as badly. The floss packaging, although visually appealing, was very difficult to get open. To avoid breaking my thumb nail off, I had to pry the lid open with the end of a set of tweezers each time I went to floss. 

The Verdict

Cocofloss was not for me. I have seen tons of people rave about it, which is fantastic, but I did end up asking for a refund. I will give their customer service department credit: they responded quickly and they gave me my money back, no questions asked. 

Have you tried Cocofloss? Do you have any other flossing products you would recommend?


  1. I've not heard of this before but sounds like a fail. I'll be giving Cocofloss a miss.

  2. It sounds divine in the ads so I'm glad to see your review - I'm a lazy flosser myself, I love my waterpik though

  3. I've never heard of this one, but I agree the packaging and initial description makes it sound appealing. And I would expect it to be flawless with that price tag.

  4. Oh no! Yea, I don't think floss that shreds in your teeth is a good product. Thanks for the review - I haven't seen this product yet but I will definitely be avoiding it!