Making Reading More Magical for Little Ones

While I don't have any kids of my own, I know that many of my readers do. To this day, I credit the exposure I had to books as a child as the reason I am such a voracious reader today. I know that many of my friends' children sneer at reading when they could be playing video games instead. But here are a few ways to combat that and help make reading a more magical experience for the children in your life.

We all know the magic of delving deep into a new novel that is ready to test our emotions, senses and thoughts. Escaping to another enchanted world that is quite different from your own everyday life is simply unexplainable. The excitement of reading a new book will never get old to you, but what about the younger generation? Perhaps you have younger siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews or children of you own. You want to pass down the baton and let them know about the awesome adventures they can have by picking up a book. In the modern age children are becoming more and more enticed by gadgets, television and social media, but whatever happened to reading a good old fashioned book? The following ideas will help you to set a great example to youngsters in your life so that they can enjoy the magic of reading throughout their lives.

woman sitting while reading book
Audio Books
It can be quite a battle trying to get youngsters to read nowadays, not only because their video games are more appealing, but because some are struggling with learning difficulties. Children with dyslexia find it extremely overwhelming to look at a whole bunch of small words on a page. By introducing books on tape to these kids who are struggling to read, we can introduce books without the stress. They can follow along in their own time and enjoy the true meaning behind the story without getting frustrated. Reading should be accessible to everybody, especially those with special needs. This is an excellent way to give everyone the opportunity to get into brilliant books.
Choose Books For Their Age Range
Kids can easily become disengaged with books because they are too mature or babyish for them. Make sure you’re choosing a subject that is appropriate for their age group so that they have a better chance of getting drawn into the story. Their school will be able to provide you with book that are appropriate for their reading level and age group too.
Lead By Example
If we are all sitting around on our smartphones and browsing Netflix every evening, what do we expect the younger generation to do? When it comes to getting your kids to read more it is important to lead by example. When you sit down to read for half an hour, encourage the little ones around you to do the same. You will soon get into a routine and reading will become an everyday habit for all involved.

It is sad, but true that many people are misunderstanding the magic of reading, especially in the younger generations. Making reading accessible to everybody and enjoyable is one of the most important arts-related matters our society faces at the moment. So spread the joy of books and make reading more enticing to the people around you. The more of us that pick up a book, the more will soon follow suit. Everyone deserves to laugh, cry, and become absorbed into another fairy tale land within a story, so it’s time to make that possible right now.

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  1. Well done. The best to be a good example, in all things ;)

  2. I have three kids, two hate reading, one will read for hours with right book.

  3. I think this is a fabulous post. I introduced my young grandsons to audiobooks before they could read. I struggled with my daughter because by the age of 10 she had an adult reading ability and understanding. I spent a lot of time looking for books that were age appropriate but that were not too immature for her imagination.
    Tasha - Bookworms Corner Blog Spot.

  4. I start my job as a children’s librarian next week. This post totally struck a chord for me. Thank you!

  5. Great post! You're right, kids are little sponges and we need to lead by example. ❤️

  6. This is such great advice for those that have kids!