Magical Readathon: OWLs Exams

I've been looking for a good readathon to participate in, and when I saw someone share this one I knew it would be the perfect one to do. This is hosted by Book Roast over on YouTube, so if you want more information be sure to check out the video below.

Basically, the goal of this readathon is to pass your OWLs just like the students at Hogwarts. There are 12 different subjects to choose from, but to pass your OWLs as acceptable you only need to successfully complete 2 subjects. If you want to overachieve, like Hermione, you can pass 3 to exceed expectations or 5 to pass as outstanding.

The OWLs Exams readathon takes place from April 2 to April 29.

I didn't want to disrupt my TBR too much with this readathon, but I knew I could easily squeeze a few of these in (and still pass higher than acceptable!) with books that were already on my radar. I may try to attempt more if I'm having a good reading month, but I wanted to start with just a few. Here are the subjects I've chosen to sit my OWLs for, and the books I will be reading for them:
  • Astronomy (a science fiction book): Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
  • Charms (a fantasy book): The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw
  • Herbology (a book with a nature-related word in the title): The Girl and the Grove by Eric Smith
Here's to passing my OWLs with an exceeds expectations rating! Have you participated in readathons before? Which was your favorite?


  1. What a fab, fun idea! I could do with a time turner to allow me to take part. :)

  2. This sounds like such a fun idea! Go girl!

  3. Love the idea! I have the Wicked Deep on my TBR too.

  4. This looks like fun! If I remember to do it, I definitely have books that can fit the categories!

  5. This looks like fun! If I remember to do it, I definitely have books that can fit the categories!

  6. This is beyond brilliant! I adore this idea.

  7. Great idea, though I don't take part in readathons - I don't have the time as I've booked in far too many blog tours over the next few months.

  8. Oh how fun! I've done read-a-thons before, but I don't usually get too many books in. I like this idea. Anything related to HP is game for me. :)