Unpopular Opinion: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard (Witchlands #1)

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When it comes to hyped/popular books, I usually agree with the mainstream. I loved hyped books like Cinder, Fangirl, and Throne of Glass. But when it came to this book, I have to say I disagree with the majority of the views out there, so it's time for my first post in (what is hopefully a short) series on unpopular opinions.

Truthwitch, and its sequel Windwitch, by Susan Dennard have been hyped all over the internet, Booktube included. So when I saw that it was an action-packed fantasy novel with a badass female character, I knew I needed to hop on this train. But unfortunately, I couldn't even finish this book. 

It was just too confusing! There were so many new concepts and terms to understand and they weren't explained well at all. From the very beginning it was throwing around terms about the witches and different nationalities and where people are from and I couldn't follow it. For example, it right away mentions a "Threadsister" and "Threadwitch" that can see "threads" in other people, but it never really said what threads are! Emotions, life forces, thoughts, what?? You had to try to piece together what she was seeing to really understand the concept, rather than getting a clear explanation. Another example is that it kept mentioning that Iz a Nomatsis and she was basically in exile, but again it didn't explain why, just that she was. 

I had to work so hard to try to figure out what was going on, this book gave me a headache. I was too confused to actually enjoy the plot and really follow the storyline, which I very may well have enjoyed if some of the background information had been explained better at the beginning. Even though this is the first book in a series, it felt like I was jumping into the middle of a series without any explanation of what was going on. I am giving this book two stars since the concept is pretty unique, and like I said I can see liking it if it was clearer, but I couldn't even complete the book.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

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