Final Girls by Riley Sager

Cover Art Courtesy of Goodreads
Yes. Yes. Yes. This book. I can't.

Aside from it's kickass cover, the story itself was incredible. It follows Quincy, a "final girl" who was the lone survivor of brutal massacre, as she battles with herself and her identity following the incident. Along the way she is connected with two other final girls, Sam and Lisa, but when Lisa turns up dead things start getting weird. Is someone hunting down the final girls? Is Quincy in danger? And what about Sam, this mysterious third final girl who appeared out of nowhere and seems to be turning Quincy against herself? Is Quincy really as malicious as she is now appearing, or is Sam turning her into someone she's not?

The character development in this book was spot on, and the writing was great. Since Riley Sager is a pen name, I would love to know who the actual author is! I loved how Quincy used baking to escape her demons. It's written so that you get occasional flashbacks of the night of the massacre, so you get the same bits and pieces of memory as they come back to Quincy. This was a page turner until the very end. And without spoilers, the ending is DEFINITELY unexpected! So glad I chose this as my July 
Book of the Month.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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